Beautiful urban ambiences to unwind, on hourly rents

  • Have you ever visited a city and wished to experience its warmth, from the luxury of beautiful spaces that offer a private & exclusive sit-down ambience?
  • Have you found yourself browsing the web for a perfect location near home, so you can enjoy a private & exclusive weekend brunch with friends & family?
  • Have you been enquiring a lot recently for a space that is not a co-working joint, but one where you can take your laptop, your books, order your own comfort food, or simply do nothing, without being surrounded by other people?
  • Have you been left frustrated in your search for a private space other than a crowded restaurant or overpriced café, where you can meet a friend, a business contact or go on a date?

There are just a few cases of being left high and dry, when we wish for a space to hang out, alone or with the best people in our lives.

Chances are though, we would have instead settled for places far less to our liking.

Not anymore.

With Unwynd Ambiences, we are unlocking the full potential of urban properties by democratizing spaces within them.

By partnering with homeowners and standalone homestays, we now bring you amazing and curated urban ambiences, that are right next door, private and seeped in nature, so they can act as the ultimate getaway destination for you, any time of the day.

Making timepass fun

We were clear from the start- we wished to be a platform connecting leisure enthusiasts with experiential ambiences – food or no food. We remain focused on what we do not want to become: an aggregator of spaces for events and mass gatherings.

Through Unwynd Ambiences, we thus decided to bring a shape and organized form to the idea of places for ‘hangout or time pass’.

Our platform is a marketplace of curated leisure spaces in urban localities, where you can choose to sit back, unwind, meetup, celebrate, converse, enjoy good food or not, and do a lot more, for the hours you prefer, anytime of the day, without having to travel afar.

Not just is Unwynd Ambiences a gamechanger for the neighborhood leisure segment but it also benefits from being built on a solid foundation of actual ‘want’ among the urban population for desirable private ambiences to hangout.


March 2023

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