3 reasons Unwynd is a different kind of favorite for the urban leisure enthusiast


Imagine seeing a gorgeous, flower-laden outdoor porch of a farmhouse, just 15 minutes from your home. You want to be there, soaking in the ambience, watching the mist afar, sipping coffee, reading a book, or perhaps soaking in the vibe with some close friends and great conversations.

Sadly, the only way you’ll get to enjoy the ambience is by booking an entire night, or worse still, drooling over someone else’s Instagram feed. That’s where Unwynd steps in.

We are on a mission to democratize spectacular ambiences in and around urban neighborhoods, by partnering with homes, homestays, apartments etc., that have a slice of great ambience for the discerning leisure enthusiast.

So how are we different from the property rental companies and other OTAs?

1. You can be yourself in your favorite neighborhoods

Yes, our properties are located in and around urban locations. Meaning, instead of spending time in cafes and cliche food joints, you can book our ambiences at affordable rates and spend quality time, the way you wish. In the privacy that you so desire.

Soak in a new ambience everyday on properties that are the stuff of dreams, without the pressure to book an overnight stay.

2. Enjoy your favorite hours of the day without leaving your comfort zone

Adventure needn’t necessarily mean experimenting outside your comfort zone. Sometimes, the best memories are spent over an evening of coffee ‘n conversations with friends & family, or simply some solitude, in a city you’ve grown up or presently live in. Seek a new ambience everyday with our range of urban escapes, and experience creative and jazzed-up ambiences that are perfect for your favorite hours of the day.

3. You can have several favorite hangout spots that are each exclusive and intimate in their own way

Unwynd only lists ambiences that have limited capacity, meaning you get exclusive access to daydream or chill, whether you’re in your home city, or visiting a new place. Stay elsewhere, but when it comes to a great exclusive view, we have you covered. Some of our properties even encourage self-service, meaning you can bring your own comfort food and soft beverages, or order from your favorite restaurants nearby.

The best of all worlds, for as many hours as you wish – that’s Unwynd for you.

Check our list of micro-stay ambiences today!

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