Unwind on an outdoor deck in the heart of Calicut

modern homely ambience

Looking for something more than just a cafe? Then look no further.

Giving urban escapes an altogether different twist, Ar. Abhirami Murali from Calicut has opened up the Instagram-worthy outdoor deck of her modern, art-inspired home ‘Vettaths’ to urban leisure enthusiasts seeking more than just the regular fare. 

Calling the deck ideal for those wanting a change of ambience without having to travel afar, Abhirami is bringing alive the magic of spending quality time in outstanding suburban ambiences that are niche and easily accessible. 

An architect with a passion for sustainable urban spaces

Abhirami, who is a professional architect and travel enthusiast, is renting the upper floor deck to individuals and groups. The deck, which exudes a sense of warmth and freshness, can accommodate 4-5 people at any given time, thus naturally adhering to safety precautions and social distancing norms. 

“I feel that with people looking for safe & secure spaces in these cautious times, uncrowded homely ambiances offer a great way to connect with the outdoors, and have a relaxed time with friends & family. I’ve opened up the deck area so that people in and around Calicut can book for the hours they want, experience the vibe and culture of the space along with the area, and choose to unwind without having to travel far,” she says.

“The deck is one of the most energetic spaces of our home which is located just 5kms from the heart of Calicut city. Surrounded by plants and exuding a very cozy feeling, it provides a perfect ambience to read a book, browse your mobile in peace, click Instagram-worthy pictures or simply order some comfort food and have a good time with friends.” 


“We have a lot of visitors who come for various reasons, some for work, some to stay, and some simply to get out of their heads. Till now we have had very positive reviews regarding the ambiance and the way the space makes them feel, very cut-off from their stress. We started with the intention of creating a community sort of space here in Calicut, so this would also be a great way to expand it.” she adds.

For details of this gem of a spot visit https://unwyndambiences.com/listing/outdoor-deck/

Outdoor deck in an art-inspired residence

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