Are overnight stays overrated?

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Let’s accept it. Most of us book an Airbnb or a listed property closer to our home, just to experience for real the oh-so awesome ambience that a particular section of the property promises on its insta feed.

Unfortunately, after an hour or two of soaking in the ambience and posting n” number of pics with you in that instagrammable ambience, there’s practically nothing to do, other than head downtown or drink till your senses knock you off.

How many times we must have wished, to just head home instead, and spend the night tucked in our cozy beds instead of staying on for the sake of it. Or put differently, what if instead, you could soak in that one spectacular ambience for a few hours and then just head back home for a good night’s sleep, without paying for the entire night. Much like a private access to the ambience, as and when you consider it best. It could be for your morning breakfast in private, or maybe a round of coffee ‘n conversations in the evening, or perhaps to discuss your next big idea, or read your long-pending book; the possibilities are endless while surrounded by a fabulous ambience, that feels more like a come ‘n go home than a hotel.

Exploring hidden gems nearer home

Overnight stays naturally, are overrated, and there’s no doubt about that. Once it’s time to sleep, there’s little they have to offer. For a world constantly on the edge due to Covid-19, micro-duration rentals for urban leisure enthusiasts provide a much better option to de-stress closer home. Cafes & restaurants are overcrowded and overnight stays are great, but always leave you high and dry, with that most frustrating clause of having to check out by noon after a late night hangover.

It’s so much better to head off to a spectacular spot, where you can unwind for a couple of hours without traveling afar, in the kind of privacy that you have always wanted. From beautiful terrace gardens to cute front porches, extended balconies, patios and farmhouse decks, such great ambiences abound around us. Their intimacy & exclusivity are unmatchable, and now, with Unwynd, such spaces are now being opened up for every leisure enthusiast to enjoy and experience.  What’s more, by allowing guests to bring their own food, or even ordering their favorite comfort food online, we are on a mission to let you slow down for the time it takes you to, without the pressure to book overnight.

Gain access to spectacular urban ambiences, without traveling afar, in the kind of privacy that you’ve always wanted.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover your ambience today.

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