Enjoy the good vibes of Chandigarh, with a magical daytrip

Whether it is pure desi lassi or the energetic Bhangra, the ‘City of Beauty’ Chandigarh offers
everything to cheer you up. Chandigarh is known for its pleasant climate, the extraordinary
planned layout of the city, and mouth-watering foods.

So, if you are in Chandigarh looking for a daycation site, our magical forest outdoor ambience in
Majrian near Jayanti Devi temple can serve you the best.

About the ambience:
Our open ambience in Chandigarh is all about nature and freedom. Why sit in a congested
restaurant when you have the gorgeous nature inviting you all the way? The ambience is spread
over three acres of beautiful scenic land facing the hills in the distance. So, if you are a
free-spirited soul, you’ll definitely love to spend time here.

What else does the ambience offer?
Apart from its extraordinary natural blessings, the site offers some other recreational services
such as:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Tractor Ride
  • Guided treks
  • Bonfire
  • Sports facilities like badminton etc.

And to top it, you can pre-order your favorite food from the menu which includes specialty North Indian dishes along with some delicious Chinese food options.

Why should you spend your next daycation here?
Well, the answer is very simple. When we talk about a good daycation, we mean a great
location, a place where we can chill with our friends and family along with some recreational
activities and delicious food. Our magical forest ambience offers all of these and more.

So, if you are in Chandigarh, book your visit to this awesome site from
unwyndambiences.com. We can’t wait to host you.

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