Day Out in a Fairytale Highland Cottage in Kottayam

Have you ever wanted to visit a magical land of fairies? If yes, you are going to love this
trending ambience in Kottayam, Kerala which is no less than a dreamy fairytale cottage. We
are referring to the mesmerizing garden sit-out of a highland cottage in the dreamy city of
So, sit comfortably as we take you through the nitty-gritty of this ambience that makes it a
perfect day-out location for your friends and family. Without further delay, let’s start.

About the site:

Our beautiful garden ambience sits on a highland in the countryside of Kottayam town. As
indicated by the name ‘fairytale cottage’, it is dipped in magical hues of unparalleled scenic
views of the hills, a pleasant highland ambience with trees, aromatic flowers and fruit farms
and a lovely sitting space under bamboo clumps.

The site also offers other amenities like:

  • A barbeque area
  • Access to the garden area
  • Access to fresh fruits from the farm

You can also ask for board games and enjoy a gaming session with your group. Moreover, the
host sells 100% organic homemade jams for sale which is a must buy.

What can you expect upon visit?

When you enter the fairytale cottage, you’ll be greeted with a smile by our
host. After some time, you’ll be served the welcome drink which is on the house. Then you
may choose to walk around the garden and the fruit farms or do whatever you like.
You can pre-order from the food menu which includes traditional
Kerala delicacies. Besides this, you can spend some quality time chatting and
clicking some Instagram shots with your group

Why spend an entire day here?

A day in the lap of this nature bound ambience can freshen you up to the core. The handpicked
fruit juice, the sights and sounds of nature’s unique treasures etc. are loved by our visitors and
we are sure you will love them too.
To book a day in this amazing Fairytale Highland Cottage, visit

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