Super fun family activities for your next day out trip

We all love family outings, don’t we? A day out with your loved ones can heal you inside out and
give you a thrust of positivity for your next venture.

But, are you worn out of the cliched dinner or lunch gatherings? Well, if yes, this article is what you need the most.

Today we shall discuss a few unique family outing activities so that your next daycation becomes a
little different from the usual ones.

1. Who’s Who Picture Contest

If you have a joint family, this one’s for you. Here everyone must bring their old childhood photos with their names labeled behind them. Pin the photos on a bulletin board and ask everyone to guess who’s who. The member with the maximum correct guesses receives a reward.

2. My Precious

Here, each member should bring something which they consider to be their most precious possession and explain the story behind it. Now, this can be a unique artifact or a gift from someone close, or anything related to your heritage. Looking for a private space to plan this activity? Check out this beautiful property.

3. When I was 13

This activity will bring out many untold stories from the past. All you need to do is assign the members a year or a number. Let’s say you assign 22. Now, each member should share an interesting event from the time when he/she was 22 and start the story with “when I was 22.”

4. One Minute

This activity is meant for members of any age group. Give family members a task they must complete in one minute. For example, who can name the most cousins? To add more spark, you can add rewards for the winner.

5. Who Am I?

Write the name of a member on a sticky note and stick it on the participant’s forehead. Now, the participant has to uncover who they’ve become by asking simple “yes” or “no” questions. For example, “Am I older than you?” or “Do I have a beard?” Note that you only get two guesses.

Now that we have already listed the activities, the only thing left is their implementation. Have a look at our unique ambiences and reserve a day to organize these fun activities with your friends and family.

Plan your family daycation now!

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