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Unwynd is a platform promoting private and semi-private spaces for day outings , daycations , intimate gatherings , gettogethers , reunions , photoshoots ets.We are not into staycations or room selling. We also do not provide an option to stay the night at any of our ambiences.

You can reserve your preferred time by the hour and plan your own picnic and activities and enjoy a good time with friends and family in our spaces. You can bring your own food or order from the listed menu in some ambiences. We do not provide an option to stay the night at any of our ambiences.

We offer three types of ambiences based on your varying needs : Fully private full access including indoors, Fully private outdoors & Semi-private outdoors. Some hosts serve food, and some do not. For ambiences where food is available, you can find the menu listed on the respective ambience's page while making a reservation.

We have individual and group rates, based on your group size, type of gathering and number of hours. You can choose the option which you find as more economical. The rate cards are generally based on: 1) Per hour per person flat rate, or, 2) Per hour per person offer rate for mid-size groups, or, 2) Discounted group rate for larger groups/longer duration that covers a specified number of people and hours

Some hosts serve food, and their menu is listed on the particular ambience's listing page. Rates are also marked against the items. In some of these ambiences where food is served, as well as in all other ambiences where food is not served, you can bring your own food or beverages, as well as order through online delivery apps or from nearby restaurants. As our ambiences are mostly within urban limits, the latter option is often preffered by groups with diverse food tastes.

Booking and Ambience

Firstly, browse through our curated list of handpicked ambiences in your favorite neighborhood and select one that feels apt for your occasion. If needed, you can chat with our representative online or whatsapp us at +91 80784 65087 and get to know the range of flexible booking options some of our ambiences provide, including bringing your own food & beverages, and group discounts. Once you decide upon your preferred ambience, login with your registered credentials, select your booking date, hours, number of people, food or other servives, or group rate(as listed) and make a reservation request online. Upon receiving your reservation request, our bookings team will connect via your dashboard or whatsapp and guide you on your food order and payment options to confirm your booking. Upon confirmation, location and host details will be shared on your whatsapp, and you will receive confirmation mail of your booking

A reservation request made online is a tentative booking. Final confirmation is provided by our team upon confirming your request with the host and receiving full payment. Only upon confirmation will the location and host details be shared on your whatsapp.

To safeguard the privacy of hosts & other guests who have made a prior reservation, as well as to avoid unauthorized walk-ins, we only share host details upon final confirmation. Unwynd is committed to the welfare of both guests and our community of hosts, and as a trusted platform connecting the two ends of the day outing sector, our rules around this are intended in good faith for the overall benefit of both parties.

Yes, you can. If you have already confirmed your booking with full payment, you can schedule a free site visit anytime, without any extra charge. In such a case, site visit will be allotted for two people for maximum 15 minutes. If you haven’t confirmed your event booking yet, then you can opt for the flexible fee option to schedule your site visit.

As all visits need to be booked in advance, even if it’s a site visit, you can follow the same process to reserve your preferred time slot. For the purpose of site visit, we will allow you to book one hour, and the amount paid for the site visit will be deducted from the final booking cost. The maximum deduction will be the equivalent of the amount billed for two people for one hour. After the site visit, if you choose to not book the venue, there will be no refund. The charge for site visit does not apply if you have already confirmed your booking with full payment. Scheduling a site visit is free in such a case, and two guests will be allotted maximum 15 minutes to conduct the site visit. The site visit is subject to availability of host, and no prior booking, and can be scheduled on a mutually convenient time.

Payment & Host Rules

Unfortunately, hosts do not collect payment, and all payments have to be made to Unwynd in advance, to receive confirmation of your booking.

We require guests to make payment in full. For bookings where the amount exceeds Rs. 10,000, we offer flexible advance payment options. Nonetheless, the full payment should be completed atleast 48 hours prior to arrival.

Yes, it is mandatory to share IDs at time of booking. To simplify this process, guests are advised to upload their IDs and complete their profile details in their user dashboard to avoid repeatedly sharing their primary ID for each booking. The collection of IDs is a government mandated process, and we guarantee that your data will not be transferred, shared, or used for any marketing purposes of Unwynd. As a verified guest of Unwynd, your privacy will be valued. Certain ambiences require two IDs to be presented at the time of booking confirmation, and these will be on a case-to-case basis, as per group size. Additionally, some hosts may ask for IDs to be presented upon arrival, as per their internal policy. All of these are basic processes for your smooth check-in and to comply with government regulations, so you can enjoy our ambiences as described.

Since your booking is a personalized experience, hosts require that all food requirements be pre- order at time of booking. Certain items and hot beverages such as tea/coffee may be available for live ordering at the ambience, but it is not a guarantee. Hence, guests are advised to pre- book food and mention any allergies to save themselves from inconvenience.

Unfortunately, hosts do not collect payment, and all payments for extra services availed at the ambience have to be made to Unwynd via the same payment method used to confirm your booking. This payment can be made at the end of your booking time. NB: Time extension is purely subject to availability, and only if no other reservations are scheduled for later. The same applies to extra food and on-site services. Additional guests are welcome as per maximum capacity of each ambience.

For cancellations made 72 hours before your scheduled booking time, we offer full refund. For cancellations made between 48-72 hours prior, there will be a 75% refund only. For cancellations made between 24-48 hours prior, there will be a 50% refund on ambience rent only, with no refund on food ordered. For cancellations made between 12-24 hours prior, there is no refund on ambience rent or food. In some cases where food has not been booked, rescheduling will be offered subject to the discretion of Unwynd and its hosts. In the case of an emergency, we offer a flexible option of full refund, on a strictly case to case basis, as per our discretion. The cancellation period may sometimes vary for certain ambiences, and the same will be mentioned on the respective ambience’s page.

Unwynd is a day outing company, and we do not sell rooms or stays. All ambiences come with well equipped, hygienic and modern washrooms to freshen up. Certain ambiences allow groups to rent a room to freshen up, or for aged people to rest or for nursing mothers to feed their babies. These are charged a nominal rate and can be found listed on the respective ambience’s page. In certain cases, the host may be gracious enough to open a room for aged people or nursing mothers to take rest. In all other cases, wherever there is no mention of such rooms, please consider them as unavailable.

Unwynd is a people friendly leisure company. We welcome people of all backgrounds and group sizes to our outdoor ambiences. There is a restriction only on certain indoor or closed-door ambiences, wherein unmarried couples are not allowed. We have added this filter to help you to Unwynd in suitable ambiences safely and without any worry about moral policing. We do not wish to send guests to ambiences where they are likely to feel uncomfortable. For any doubts, you can connect with our team. We are equipped to guide you to an ambience that is sensitive to your privacy needs, while outlining the rules and responsibilities we expect from you as our guests. In a nutshell, if you are Unwynding as just two ppl, and you are an unmarried couple, you can choose our fully private or semi-private outdoor only ambiences. Access to fully private full access ambiences requires you to be part of a group or minimum 3-4 people.

We want to open up spaces that are all-inclusive, and presently nearly 90% of our listed ambiences are pet friendly. In cases where pets aren’t allowed, we will consider the same with the host on a special basis.

Yes, group rates are listed on each ambience’s page, as applicable. Further, discounts for booking longer hours or as a mid-size group get automatically applied when you make the reservation request online. If needed, you can chat with our representative or WhatsApp us at +91 80784 65087 and get to know the best rates for your group.

If you need a personal reply to your queries, simply chat with our representative on WhatsApp at +91 80784 65087. You can also connect with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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